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One of the most effective strategies for grant success is to connect with peers. There is power in working with practitioners engaged in similar work and — while external to your project — understand your issues. Working with each other, you will make real-time discoveries, forge pathways of efficiency, and benefit from peer support.  Ultimately through these grantee-to-grantee connections, system-wide improvements can take root at a faster pace.

We encourage you to let us know what is working and what you have learned so that others can benefit. To learn more about TAACCCT Grantees, click on the following resources, as well as watch for additional information to be posted regularly.  Please let us know of additional materials you are looking for and would like to see.


In this Grantee Hub you will find access to expert technical assistance providers, special resources and information, answers, and information about Round 1 and Round 2 grantees.   


For more information

This Grantee Hub is a good place to find concise information, updated regularly to support the various phases of your work.  Visit the Gallery on this website for information and photos of past events.   Let us know what else additional resources would be helpful to you by clicking the logo below, and be sure to check back here often for relevant information.